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With the turn of the ignition key, the Toyota starter motor starts the engine under the hood of your vehicle. This is a small but powerful electric motor that makes it easy to start your Toyota. The ability of the starter motor to rotate the flywheel and get the cylinders in motion is a luxury all vehicle owners today are just use to. When this electrical starting component fails, most Toyotas are just left sitting until the starter motor is replaced with one that functions. On a Toyota like most cars and trucks today there is a starter solenoid that activates the starter motor when the driver turns the ignition key. This is the most common culprit when the engine will not turn over. When there is a problem in this starting system, the Toyota starter motor and solenoid are a matched set and built into each other so both are replaced at the same time. This is advantageous to the owner of the vehicle so they do not have to either guess or diagnose the problem just replace the unit. The starting system is located under the vehicle to one side of the flywheel. Before it is removed the battery has to be disconnected since it is generally directly connected to this motor. 12 volts will not hurt a technician, but it is definitely an eye opener if they do receive a shock from a live wire. The mounting bolts of the starter motor have to be loosened and removed before access to the wires attached to it can be achieved, so care must be taken when removing this component as not to damage the wires.