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The ease at which the Volkswagen starter motor turns over your engine is enjoyed by all owners of this vehicle. It is activated by the turning of the ignition key in the passenger compartment. The engagement of the starter motor is activated by the starter solenoid mounted in conjunction with to motor. Today these two starting components are physically connected and the reason no diagnosis is needed in the determination of just why the starter will not engage. They are both simply replaced as a single unit on all Volkswagens. There are a few things that can interfere with the starter motor from engaging other than it being faulty. This electrical component requires the full strength of the battery to engage. For this current to flow as needed, not only does the positive battery cable need to be in proper working order but also the negative. A bad ground has been the reason for many Volkswagen starter motors not being able to engage just because the electrical current to them cannot flow. If the owner of the Volkswagen hears a clicking noise when they are attempting to start their vehicle, this is a faulty starter solenoid on the starter motor that is the culprit. This is due the solenoid not being able to complete the circuit and is the source of the clicking sound in its attempts to do so. This same sound can also be from a weak battery. On a Volkswagen the starter motor is on the underside of the vehicle near to the flywheel on the rear of the engine. It is the flywheel where the gear from the starter engages and actually turns the engine so it can fire up for the owner of the vehicle.