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The standard Chevrolet steering gear should last for up to a decade or longer on your new car. Just like all parts that have seals, they do wear and begin to leak hydraulic fluid over time. It is at this point replacement is required for proper steering of your Chevrolet to be maintained. The replacement steering gear boxes available for Chevrolet are both new and rebuilt units. The biggest difference between the two is the price, since both have brand new seals and the gears and shafts of both are within tolerances set by the manufacturer of the part. The Chevrolet steering gear box was first added to traditional linkage systems in the mid-20th century, and today is part of the rack and pinion steering system most new cars. It is operated with hydraulic pressure with symptoms of failure just like the power steering pump or a leaky hose. The steering will feel jerky and sluggish when a turn is inputted to the wheel by the driver. This is due to a leak or leaks in the seals on this unit. There can also be an increase in the play of the wheel if the steering gear itself is becoming worn. If the seals are worn out on your steering gear box, fluid will be seen at the shafts and a puddle might be on the payment. If ignored, steering failure could be the result. The replacement of the steering gear box on your Chevrolet is a messing repair. Since the hydraulic lines have to be removed from the box, the entire system should be flushed and new fluid put back into steering system. The bleeding of all possible trapped air must also be done for this part to function properly.