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If you are experiencing difficulty during the steering process while operating your car or truck you may have a defective steering shaft creating this issue. There are several indicators that will bring a possible malfunction of this component to your attention. You may feel some play or a dead spot in the steering wheel when you are navigating it. You may also hear unusual noises such as clicking or popping when you turn the automobile. You should conduct a thorough inspection of this device by having someone move the steering wheel back and forth while you observe the shafts movement. Early detection and the completion of the appropriate repairs are essential to insure that the car, truck, or SUV is safe to operate.

Steering shafts transfer the movement of the steering wheel to the steering gear to facilitate the steering process. Some of these devices are very simplex in design depending on the required application and they can basically be a straight piece of metal stock. In most circumstances they are a lot more complicated than that and may incorporate one or two universal joints. These are required to accomplish the correct angles that are required and assist in completing a smoother steering process without binding occurring. Square metal stock is often used and inserted into a square tube that allows it to move in and out as required.

Replacing steering shafts can encounter several procedures depending on the vehicle, design, and accessibility of the device. You may be required to remove several obstructions or components to facilitate the removal process. You may also be required to place to vehicle on jack stands if the lower connection is more accessible from underneath the vehicle. The new component must be appropriately lubricated prior to the installation process.

When purchasing a steering shaft it must be the specific device that is designed for the vehicle involved in the repair procedure. It must meet or exceed all of the OEM specifications and be manufactured by a name brand you can depend on for quality products. Car Parts Discount offers quality name brand steering components from Dorman that is a leader in the industry at an affordable price.