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The upper support point for your suspension system is the Acura Strut Mount in the front wheel fender. The strut mount is constructed of polymer and metal so it can firmly cushion the strut while still providing a firm foundation for it to be held in place on your Acura.

The strut mount is not only exposed to the harsh environmental conditions from the road but also the stress from holding the strut in place from the lateral and vertical movement of the vehicle. This causes it to wear in time. It is possible for the metal section of the mount to rust and weaken but the most likely reason for having to replace the strut mount is that the polymer section of it becomes worn. This wear can be in the form of cracks, splitting or the hole where the strut fits through it becomes enlarged.

The owner of the Acura can become aware of a problem with this suspension mounting component with a visual or physical inspection. They can also hear a clunking sound coming from the front wheel assembly when an obstacle is encountered by the front wheel and the strut moves in the mount. If any of the above conditions or noises is heard, replacement of the strut mount is warranted.

Another condition the Acura owner might become aware of when the mount is worn is the lack of stability when maneuvering their vehicle. This is due to the lack of support in the suspension system and another reason for this component to be replaced.

The Acura strut mount is a small and inexpensive component, but its importance to the handling and stability of your vehicle is great.