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The function of the BMW strut mount is to securely hold the top portion of the strut in place so no movement of the connected suspension part occurs at this point of contact. This is a round component that is securely mounted to the frame or fender well of your BMW with three or more bolts. The strut mount is an auto part the generally does not need to be replaced over the life span of your vehicle. Situations where this part will need to be replaced include damage to the strut mount from a collision or accident. Damage can also occur if the strut that is mounted to on your BMW becomes extremely worn. This happens when the top of the hydraulic portion of the strut comes in direct contact with the strut mount, damaging and bending it. The BMW strut mount is an inexpensive part, but provides a valuable function for the handling of your vehicle when it is traveling down the road. If any play in this contact point of your suspension occurs, the movement of your wheel forward and backwards will increase and the handling of your car will be adversely affected. The inspection of the strut mount on your BMW is really easy to perform by either a qualified technician or owner of the vehicle. The mounting bolts should be checked with a wrench or socket to make sure they are torques to the correct specification. There should also be absolutely no play in any direction by the strut that is being held in place by the mount. If you can move the top portion of your strut, further inspection and possible replacement of this part should occur immediately.