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It is the support the Chrysler Strut Mount gives the suspension system on your vehicle that helps to control the horizontal movement of your vehicle. This suspension contact point with the body of your Chrysler is in the center of the fender well near the front wheel assembly.

It is the upper portion of the strut that is held firmly by the strut mount on your Chrysler. This is made possible by the components that make up this suspension support device. The strut mount has both metal and polymer components in it structure. This is how it can be firmly mounted to the support beams in the front fender well of the vehicle. The polymer section is the part that comes in direct contact with the upper section of the strut.

The owner of the vehicle will notice a problem with this suspension component when they hear a thud from the front end when an obstacle is passed over. This thud is movement of the strut in the strut mount. When this is heard a visual inspection of this suspension component should be done. If the polymer section of the Chrysler strut mount is enlarged, split or cracked that permits the top of the strut to move, it is worn out and should be replaced. The metal section should also be looked at for any signs of rust or damage to it that might also prevent the strut from being secured in its upper position.

If either situation is present then the strut mount should be replaced on your Chrysler. Because the other side of the vehicle also has a mount holding the strut in place has been exposed to the same time period and stresses, it should also be inspected and probably replaced at the same time.