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The Honda Strut Mount provides support for the upper part of the front suspension system on the front wheel drive models of this manufacturer. By combining polymer and metal into the construction of the strut mount, it can be firmly mounted to the wheel well and still hold the top of the strut securely in place on your Honda.

Both the polymer and the metal sections of the strut mount are subjected to stresses as the Honda rolls down the road. Both have to withstand the shifting of the body while holding this vertical control device in place so the movement of the body can be dampened. The hole in the center of the polymer section will absorb most of this movement but in time it will widen. This can cause a split or cracks in the polymer making it not possible too firmly secure the strut in place. The metal sections of the Honda strut mount are also subjected to stresses from this movement that can tear it. Rusting of the metal can also cause this component to have a structural failure.

Inspection of the strut mounts should occur when the other polymer components under the hood on your vehicle are inspected. This is sometimes weekly but most likely on a monthly basis. If the polymer begins to crack from the top view, then the underside of the strut mount should also be looked at and physically inspected by grasping the strut and seeing if it can be moved. If there is movement then this structural suspension support component it should be replaced on your Honda in a short allotment of time. Until it is replaced a banging sound might be heard coming from the front wheel well when an obstacle is encountered on the road.