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The ability of the Kia Strut Mount to hold the top of the suspension system in place is its only purpose for being. The makeup of this suspension component is of both polymer and metal on your Kia.

The Kia strut mount is located in the center upper portion of the front wheel well. The top of the strut can be see protruding through it when looking at this area of your vehicle from under the hood. The problems that can occur with the strut mount on your Kia are very limited.

The metal section of the strut mount is susceptible to rusting because it is exposed to the moisture the vehicle will encounter when on the road. If too rust accumulates on the mount, it will no longer be firmly mounted to the fender well and the top support of the suspension system on that wheel will no longer be functioning.

The polymer section of the strut mount is the section of this support mount that is also negatively affected by the weather condition, but in a different way. It cannot become rusted but it will dry out over time and the hole where the top of the strut protrudes through it will become enlarged. When this situation is present, the driver of the Kia might hear a thumping sound when they encounter an obstacle on the road. This is the strut moving in the upper hold down device that is making the noise.

If either situation is noticed on the strut mount when an inspection of the suspension system occurs, not only should the damaged side be changed but so should the one on the other side of the vehicle. The simple logic to this is that both of them were exposed to the same time period and environmental conditions and should be in the same or close condition.