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Lexus Strut Mount

A bad Lexus strut mount can be felt by the driver and passengers of this luxury vehicle. This is the top support for the struts on the front or rear of your vehicle. The upper portion of the strut mount is visible at the top center of the wheel well if you look under the hood of your Lexus. The Lexus strut mount has both polymer and metal components that must be in proper working condition for it to safely and securely hold the strut in place. The polymer portion of the strut mount will wear over time. This wear can be in the form of cracks, splitting or the hole where the strut fits through it just enlarged. This part of the strut mount can be tested by looking at it or the car can be lifted with no pressure is on the suspension so any movement of the strut can be felt. If there is any movement up, down or sideways, the mount should be replaced. The Lexus owner might also hear a banging noise when they are traveling down the road and go over a bump. This is the top of the strut moving in the mount. This is another indication that the strut mount is worn and in need of replacing. Not only can the polymer component of the mount be worn over time but also the metal portion of it. This can occur due to rusting of the metal of it becoming ripped because of the play in the polymer section of the mount. The Lexus owner should then replace this suspension component before the strut becomes dislodged from the vehicle cause a considerable amount of damage.