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With a Nissan strut as the primary damping component on your vehicle's suspension, a greater level of control over the movement of your wheels will be obtained. The strut on your Nissan has replaced the older style of suspension system that utilized a coil spring and shock absorber. With the new style of suspension system on a Nissan that makes use of a strut, the mounting of it is also different than the older style. The upper and lower A-frames that contained the coil are no longer present. The upper portion of the Nissan strut is positioned in the fender well of the vehicle. The lower mounting position is on the control arm or wheel carrier. This new configuration reduces the lateral movement of the front wheel from the previous suspension set up of 2% down to 1%. This enables this suspension system to provide the driver with a greater degree of control when they are maneuvering the vehicle. The testing of the strut is the same as what is done for a shock absorber. This is the bounce test. One of the front fenders is pushed down with the vehicle on the pavement. When the pressure is released, the movement of the body has to be noted. If the body raises then returns to a resting position with only one bounce, this suspension component is operating as designed. If the body continues to move up and down more than once, the strut is showing signs of wear and should be replaced. If replacement is not done quickly, all of the other components on your Nissan will experience excessive vibration which can cause them to fail. The longer this condition lasts, the greater the level of damage is inflicted on your vehicle.