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The support from the Volkswagen strut mount is what keeps the upper portion of your wheel assemblies in place, so more controlled and tight cornering can be accomplished when on the road. The strut mount holds the top portion of the strut in place and is mounted to the front fender well or rear wheel well. On most Volkswagens, this area of the fender well is reinforced with additional metal components to strengthen it so no movement will be experienced by any component connected to it. To dampen this connection of holding the strut in place, the strut mount is composed of both metal and polymer components. It is the polymer section of the Volkswagen strut mount that tends to wear out over time of it performing its task. This is just the nature of polymers to stretch, crack and deform over time of being used causing the need to replace them on your Volkswagen. If this suspension component is suspect in being faulty, an inspection of the strut mount is easy to carry out. With the front wheel suspended in the air, the top of the strut has to be grasped by the inspector to see if they can move it in any direction. If this is possible this suspension component is worn out and should be replaced. If weight is on the wheel, it will also be on the strut making a thorough inspection impossible. Since there is a coil spring as part of most struts, the replacement of the strut mount requires the use of a coil compressing tool. If you do not own or can rent one of these devices, then this repair job on your Volkswagen should be completed by an auto shop that is equipped to handle this type of repair procedure.