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It is the ability of the Acura Strut to control and reduce the vertical movement of the body that occupants of this vehicle enjoy considerably. Many refer to this suspension component as a MacPherson strut which is the most popular brand used.

Each strut on an Acura is made to use a closed loop hydraulic system to control the vertical movement of the body when an obstacle is encountered on the road by the wheel. To some degree the Acura strut will also help to reduce the side to side movement of the body so maneuvering is better when the weight of the vehicle is shifted.

The strut is the suspension components used to today on Acura models that have replaced the older style of suspension system. The older style included the shock absorbers and spring assemblies. They did perform the same function, but not as well and are much larger and heavier components.

The testing of the strut on your vehicle is still accomplished with the bounce test. This is the same test used to determine if a shock absorber is worn and in need of being replaced. One corner of the vehicle is depressed by the owner placing their weight down on it. When the pressure is released, the movement of the body in a vertical action then needs to be observed.

So the Acura owner will have a point of reference, a new suspension system will allow for the body to move upwards then back to a resting position. If the body of your vehicle continues to move up and down 2 or more times, the suspension system is worn and in need of being replaced.