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The Mitsubishi Strut is the vertical dampening component that is used on all front wheel drive vehicles from this manufacturer. The strut mounted on your Mitsubishi is small and slender but is more effective than the older style of suspension system that used shock absorbers and springs. This way the ride experienced by the passengers is improved.

The Mitsubishi strut is mounted to the lower wheel assembly and on top through the fender well of the vehicle. The most common brands name for this vertical dampening device is Macpherson. Independent of the manufacture, the specifications the strut is made too is vastly superior to what the older shocks were required to have. This not only helps to improve the ride of your Mitsubishi but also the handling characteristic of your vehicle.

If the owner of the Mitsubishi notices excessive movement of their vehicle when they encounter an obstacle on the road, the strut should be tested so the existent of the wear on this suspension component can be known. The test is the same one used for determining just how worn a shock absorber is and this test is called the bounce test.

By depressing one corner of the vehicles body and releasing of the pressure, the body will bounce. The more it bounces, the more worn the strut are on your vehicle. Just so the owner knows how a new set of suspension component will react to this test the results are up once then back to a fixed position. If your suspension system moves more than this, replacement should be considered for all four corners. This will not only make the ride more comfortable for the passengers but help the other components on your vehicle to last longer.