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The upper support point on a front wheel drive vehicle is the Nissan strut mount. This is a polymer and metal component that is designed to hold the upper portion of the Macpherson strut in place so greater control over the movement of the front wheels on your Nissan can be achieved. The Nissan strut mount is located in the center portion of the front fender well, and at the top of the rear wheelhouse if you have struts in the back. By looking under the hood or in your trunk, an inspector can see the top portion of this mount along with the upper portion of the strut protruding through the mount. What should be looked for is the condition of the polymer portion of the strut mount. If there is any cracking or splitting of it, it is worn out and should be replaced. If the inspector is unsure of its condition, the top portion of the strut can be grabbed by their hand in an attempt to move the strut. If they can move it, the strut is no longer being held securely in place and the strut mount should be replaced. There is also a metal portion of the strut mount that should be inspected. If the polymer portion is ok but the metal is rusted, ripped or is no longer mounted securely to the fender well, proactive action should be taken to secure the strut in place. If this is not done, the driver will feel less in control when they are operating their Nissan on the road. The strut mount on a Nissan is not an expensive component to purchase, but since it is a stationary part, most owners are not aware that is should be inspected periodically. Just like any polymer grommet on your vehicle, it will wear out in time because of the stress being applied to it.