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The use of the Oldsmobile Strut on the front end of many models instead of the older style of shock absorbers and springs has provided more room for the drive components that are located there.

The strut is longer and small in diameter than the older shocks, but is capable of providing the same type of dampening effect on controlling the vertical movement of the body when the Oldsmobile encounters an object on the road, but generally lasts twice as long.

The Oldsmobile struts are anchored on the bottom at the lower section of the spindle assembly. The upper portion of this vertical control device is fitted through the fender well so it can be held securely in place and connected to the body so the dampening effect can be used.

The use of the strut style of vertical control system on an Oldsmobile is most often found on the front wheel drive models. It is the smaller configuration and space they occupy that makes this vertical control device the preferred choice when space is limited.

If you Oldsmobile is equipped with a set of front struts and you have noticed excessive movement of the body, a simple test can be conducted on the vehicle to prove or disprove they are functioning as expected. This is the bounce test.

The bounce test requires that one of the fenders to be depressed by pushing down on it. Once this pressure is released the body will move in a vertical fashion. The more the body moves up and down, the greater the extent of the wear on the struts exists. A new set should only move up than back to a resting position. Any more is evidence of wear.