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The dampening effect of the Pontiac strut is part of the reason your vehicle can provide a smooth ride for its passengers. This reduction in movement is also beneficial to all of the other components on your vehicle by reducing the level of vibration they have to encounter. On front wheel drive models of Pontiac there is a strut that has replaced the older style of suspension system. Those older styles included coil springs and shock absorbers. The strut is connected to the vehicle at the lower section of the front wheel assembly and in the middle of the fender well for the top connection. Even the rear suspensions for most cars include them as well, since they provide a greater amount of maneuverability and are easier to install. The design of the Macpherson strut is smaller than its older counter parts and the reason it is now the preferred choice for small and mid-size vehicles. There are just more components in this limited space that have to be there for the Pontiac to operate and be possible to drive and maneuver. Since the strut has replaced the shock absorber by performing the same function, it can also be tested in a similar fashion so the owner will know if it is time for them to be replaced. This suspension component is a closed loop hydraulic system that will wear in time. By depressing a corner of the Pontiac and releasing the pressure, the inspector should record the number of times the body bounces up and down before it comes to a rest. If the number of times the body moves up and down is greater than one, then the Pontiac struts are beginning to show signs of wear and replacement is warranted.