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There are some devices on our cars, trunks, and SUV's that are extremely important to the safe operation of a vehicle and one of those is a sun visor. They are essential to block the bright sun that can obstruct your vision which can present a very serious safety issue. A worn or damaged sun visor needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Driving into the bright sun especially during sunrise and sunset can be more difficult than driving at night with your lights off. That is why components like this were developed to assist in improved vision capabilities during these situations. Operating a vehicle when you can't easily see the road or other vehicles is not a safe environment for you and your family.

Sun visors are made using various materials and mounted above the windshield. They can be pulled down to block bright sunlight during vehicle operation. On most newer cars and trucks they can be pivoted to block sunlight coming from the sides through the drivers and passengers windows as well. The first sun visors developed mounted on the outside of the windshield and were first incorporated on the 1924 Ford Model T. As automobile designs progressed windshields were made with more of a slant to reduce wind resistance. In 1932 manufactures began mounting them inside the car.

The complexity of replacing a sun visor depends on the car, truck, or SUV that the process is being accomplished on. In some circumstances you can just remove two or three mounting screws and complete this task in five minutes or less. A lot of newer cars and trucks will have lighted vanity mirrors incorporated in them. In this situation you must remove the visor and disconnect the electrical connection.

When you are selecting a new sun visor you may have the option to upgrade the device by getting one with a vanity mirror and even a light if an electrical connection is available. There may also be some aftermarket options to dress up the appearance a notch or two. Car Parts Discount carries several OEM and aftermarket options with the quality you know you can trust and a price you will appreciate.