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If your vehicle is equipped with a power sunroof and it is not functioning correctly, this condition could be due to a faulty sunroof switch. In some situations the malfunction may begin as an intermittent issue giving you a warning sign of upcoming failure. This is the ideal time to correct the defect prior to its progression. These devices may also operate in one position but not in the other meaning that it may open but not close. Losing the ability to close the sunroof can lead to severe issues such as security and exposing the interior to the elements. A properly working moon roof adds value to an automobile, but a non-functioning component will have a negative impact on the overall worth.

A sunroof switch completes the electrical circuit to provide power to the sunroof motor to operate this component. They are a dual action switch that determines the rotation direction of the motor to open and close the sunroof as required. The number of cars, trucks, and SUV that incorporate moon roofs has grown over the years and has become a very desirable option. This concept began in the 1970's and was only available on select automobiles such as the Mercedes Benz, BMW's, and porches. Now they are an available option of almost every vehicle manufactured worldwide.

The difficulty level can vary when replacing a sunroof switch depending on the car or truck involved in the procedure. You may be required to accomplish some disassembly of the dashboard, console, or headliner based on its location. You must use extreme caution when disconnecting the electrical connector to avoid damaging it. When installing the new device you must insure that is secured appropriately prior to attempting to operate the sunroof.

Electrical components such as a sunroof switch must be a dependable high quality device that you can count on to function properly every time. We rely on these components to adjust the comfort level of the automobile and a frustrating experience is created when they fail prematurely. Car Parts Discount is the best resource to purchase quality products that you can know will last at the affordable prices you can appreciate.