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To help prevent the lateral roll of your vehicle there are Cadillac Sway Bar Bushings in place under the center front of your vehicle. There are two sway bar bushings that hold the sway bar in place so the lateral movement of the body will be minimized.

The sway bar bushings are polymer grommets that wrap around the sway bar. A metal collar surrounds the sway bar bushing and is the component that is firmly attached to the frame of the Cadillac. When these polymer components begin to wear from the sideways stresses that have been exerted upon them, the polymer begins to crack and split. When this happens, the sway bar is no longer being firmly held in position and cannot properly perform it function of reducing the lateral movement of the body.

The Cadillac sway bar bushings can be easily inspected by a visual means. By viewing under the front of the Cadillac, the inspector can easily find the two sway bar bushings in the center of the vehicle on the frame. If the polymer sections of the bushings show any signs of wear they should be replaced. There is also a physical test where the vehicle is lifted into the air and the sway bar is grasped by the inspector. If the sway bar can be moved in any direction, the sway bar bushings are no longer holding this suspension component in place and are faulty in performing their function.

With a new set of these suspension components in place the side to side movement of the Cadillac when it is being maneuvered on the road or around a corner will be significantly reduced. This will make for a smoother and more enjoyable ride for the occupants.