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It is the Chevrolet sway bar bushing that cushions the movement of your car's movement from side to side in the front end. The sway bar bushings (sometimes called stabilizer bar bushings) are the polymer inserts that hold the sway bar in place where it is mounted to the car's frame. All Chevrolet models have these bushings. There are several symptoms of worn sway bar bushings a driver can notice. They become most apparent when the car is being turned. One of the obvious symptoms is a clanging noise when the car is going around a corner. If the Chevrolet sway bar bushings are worn, the metal on metal grinding noise is coming from the sway bar coming into contact with the frame. That same grinding and clunking sounds can also be heard coming from faulty stabilizer bar bushings when you go over a bump because of the metal to metal contact of the bar and the frame of the Chevrolet. The overall handling and cornering ability of the vehicle will also be adversely affected if this suspension part is failing. Identifying the failure of sway bar bushings is one of the easiest parts on your car to notice. By looking under the front of the car at the frame you will notice a bar that is attached to it. The bar is attached to the frame of the car with a two brackets. In-between the brackets and frame are the bushings. If the polymer is cracked, split or missing, then you have found your noise and or handling problem. If only one is worn it is still recommended that both be replaced at the same time. These are inexpensive parts on your Chevrolet but provide an important role in stabilizing your car in turning and corning.