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There are two Chrysler Sway Bar Bushings in place in the lower front section of your vehicle. They can be located by looking under the vehicle from the front and noticing the sway bar that runs across it. The sway bar bushings are located in the middle of the sway bar and are the place where this anti rolling device is fastened to the frame of your Chrysler.

The Chrysler sway bar bushings are the polymer material that is between the frame of the vehicle and the bar itself. Because they are made of a polymer, the sway bar bushings will dry out over time and form cracks or could possibly split. This is the visual inspection; the physical inspection includes the grasping of the sway bar to see if there is any movement in it. If either of these inspections fails, the replacement of the sway bar bushings is warranted.

The replacing of the worn bushings is a simple procedure the owner of the Chrysler can do themselves. To remove any of the stress on this anti rolling device, the vehicle should be lifted into the air with the wheels suspended. If that is not done, the reattaching of the mounting bolts could be difficult or impossible. There are either 2 or 4 bolts holding the cover for the sway bar bushings that have to be removed. With all of the old polymer component removed, the replacement parts can be put into place. To help hold the sway bar in place, only one of the bushings should be replaced at a time. Once one of the new ones is in place and mounted, the second one can be completed and your Chrysler is ready for the road once again.