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Because of the Ford sway bar bushing, your vehicle is in more control when cornering or maneuvering around obstacles. This is the suspension component that is the barrier between the sway bar and the frame of your Ford so no metal to metal contact is made between them.

Just like all polymer grommets, the sway bar bushings have a tendency to crack, split, or just wear out over time due to the stresses placed on it. If the driver of the Ford vehicle hears a clunking sound coming from the front end during a maneuver of the car or truck along with a greater movement side to side, the sway bar bushing should be inspected for excessive wear.

The location of the Ford sway bar bushings is simple. By looking under the front or rear end of the car or truck, a bar can be observed running from side to side with two connections to the frame in the middle of the vehicle. At these two connections are polymer grommets which act as a barrier between the frame and the sway bar. Every time there is movement from side to side of the car or truck, stress is being placed on these polymer pieces causing wear. This is why the sway bar bushings wear out over time which requires their replacement. This can be accomplished by the Ford owner with basic tools and access to a lift or a way of raising the vehicle off of the ground.

The sway bar bushings are just one of the many polymer components on a vehicle that will wear out over its life time. Their replacement can give the driver the feel of more control and stability when motoring down the road.

The construction of the Ford Sway Bar Bushings is that of a polymer composite material. The sway bar bushings are the auto parts that are in place to firmly mount the sway bar to the frame of the Ford without permitting direct metal to metal contact between the two components.

There are two Ford sway bar bushings mounted to the front lower section of the frame on your vehicle. By looking backyards from under the front of your vehicle, they can be seen with the sway bar running through them on the frame under the engine. It is the sway bar bushings that hold the sway bar in place against the frame so the lateral movement of the vehicle?s body during cornering or a maneuver can be minimized.

Since the sway bar bushings are located on the underside of the Ford, they will be exposed to all of the road debris and objects that might be there. This includes the moisture from the rain and snow not to mention the salts that are used in the winter months. This places stress on the polymers to hold their shape and structure. In time cracks and splits will occur in the polymer and they will no longer be capable of firmly holding the sway bar in place. This will negatively affect the handling ability of the Ford.

The replacement of the sway bar bushings is inexpensive and only takes less than a half an hour to complete. This repair procedure involves the lifting of the vehicle into the air with the wheels suspended which is the most time consuming portion of this repair. The bushings are only held in place by two or four bolts, depending on the model of vehicle you own.