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The polymer Honda sway bar bushings are the cushions that prevent metal to metal contact between the bar and the frame of your vehicle. There are two sway bar bushings for each stabilizer bar on your Honda. Inspecting this suspension component on your Honda is easy to do, whether the vehicle on the pavement or when it is lifted into the air. On a lift, however, is recommended. This visual inspection involves looking for any pieces of the polymer that may be missing or if the shape of the stabilizer bushings has become distorted from the pressure being applied against it. If this is noticed then replacement is necessary for the side to side control of your vehicle to be improved. The Honda sway bar bushings are held into place with a metal strap that is bolted to the frame of the vehicle. The exchange of worn out bushings with new ones should only take 15 to 20 minutes once the vehicle is lifted into the air. The Honda has to be in the air with the wheels suspended so the pressure on this suspension component is relieved. If an attempt to replace these stabilizer bushings while the car is on the pavement, it could be difficult to place the bolts back in the mounting holes without stripping them out. The importance of the sway bar bushings is critical since it is the sway bar the limits the lateral movement of the vehicle when it is cornering or maneuvering in traffic. With this bar not being firmly mounted to the frame, its ability to control this side to side movement is hindered causing the driver to feel as if they cannot properly steer their vehicle.