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The stability in the handling of the vehicle is in part due to the connection the Lincoln Sway Bar Bushing makes with the lower front wheel assembly. The sway bar bushings are located at the end of the sway bar at the place it is attached to the lower wheel assembly near the spindle on your Lincoln.

The Lincoln sway bar bushing is used in this location to prevent any metal to metal contact between the components involved so they are not only slightly cushioned but are silent when the vehicle is being maneuvered. The two sway bar bushing mounted on your Lincoln are made from a polymer that in time will deteriorate because of its exposure to the elements found on the roadways across America. This causes them to crack and split making their placement on the vehicle no longer able to prevent the metal to metal contact of the components connected there. This causes the handling characteristics of the vehicle to become what is called sloppy or ill handling. The driver might also hear the metal to metal contact of the sway bar and the wheel assembly when maneuvering the vehicle.

The replacement of the sway bar bushings is a simple procedure the Lincoln owner can complete themselves. This procedure invokes the removal of just one nut on most models to remove the sway bar from the lower front wheel assembly. With the new sway bar bushing slipped into place and the nut tightened down, the handling characteristics of the vehicle will be improved. As a point of information, if one of the bushings is in need of replacement, the pair located on the other front wheel assembly will be in a similar condition and should also be replaced.