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The firm grip of the Pontiac sway bar bushing is what holds this suspension component in place so your vehicle's lateral movement is limited. The sway bar bushings are the polymer grommets that hold the sway bar next to the frame of your Pontiac so the ends can flex, reducing the movement of your vehicle when it is being maneuvered. The sway bar (stabilizer) bushings can be inspected by the owner of the Pontiac looking under their vehicle toward the wheels. They will notice a bar running across the vehicle, between the wheels, that is connected to the sway bar links on each side which in turn are connected to the lower control or trailing arms. The Pontiac sway bar bushings are located where the stabilizer bar is being held next to the frame near the center of the vehicle. Each time the vehicle goes around a corner or has to maneuver while traveling down the road, stress is placed on the sway bar to control the roll of the vehicle. This places force on the sway bar bushings causing them to wear over time. If, during the inspection, light can be seen from a gap between the polymer grommets holding the sway bar in place on the frame, they have excessive wear on them and should be replaced. The grasping of the sway bar and noticing any play in it is another way to determine if the grommets are worn. The replacement of the stabilizer bushings can be accomplished on most Pontiac models by removing only 2 to 4 bolts that hold the mounting fixture in place. The total time for this repair procedure is generally less than 10 minutes once the vehicle is lifted into the air.