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At the end of the anti rolling mechanism on your vehicle is the Buick Sway Bar Link. There is a pair of them at the end of the sway bar. The other end of the sway bar link is connected to the lower front wheel assemblies on your Buick.

The sway bar links are smaller in diameter than the sway bar and have polymer grommets at both ends of them. These polymer grommets help to cushion the connections and provide a small amount of give when there is a lateral load being exerted against the vehicle's body.

The more aggressive the driver is of the Buick, the faster the polymer grommets will wear out on the sway bar links. The polymer is also susceptible to the environmental conditions like road salts that help to speed their deterioration. When this begins to occur, the handling characteristics of your Buick will change. The side to side swaying of the body will increase.

A visual inspection of the Buick sway bar inks is the fastest way of determining their condition. If the grommets are split or deeply cracked, they should be replaced. Because the sway bar links are smaller in diameter than the sway bar, they can also break if the lateral load placed on the vehicle is too great. If this occurs, a banging sound will be heard when the vehicle is in a heavy lateral load maneuver like cornering at a high speed. This is easy to identify since the link will be in two pieces. This is by design incorporated by the engineers since the links are the lowest cost component in the anti rolling system on your vehicle.