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The Ford sway bar link is another suspension component that has both metal and polymer components in its makeup. The sway bar runs on the bottom of the vehicle from side to side, and is connected to the frame in the middle. The ends are connected to sway bar link which itself is attached to the control arm or A-frame of your car or truck. To prevent the metal to metal contact at both ends of the sway bar link are polymer grommets. These are the sections of this suspension component that will show signs of wear in time. This can be felt by the driver when they are maneuvering their Ford vehicle. The greater the wear, the less control over the side to side movement is felt. Not only will the polymer portion of the Ford sway bar links wear, but the bar itself can break. This is built into its design by the Ford engineers. If too much stress is placed in the lateral movement of the vehicle, they could snap. If this occurs the driver will hear a clanking sound of the metal to metal contact being made by the sway bar link on other parts located near it. They are the weak point in this system for good reason. They are least expensive part in this section of the suspension system. The sway bar and control arm are much more expensive and time consuming if they have to be replaced. A Ford owner can replace their own sway bar links if they can lift the vehicle off of the ground and have a basic set of tools on hand. The only real precaution that has to be taken is to make sure the vehicle is secure when it is lifted. Do not just use a bumper jack; jacks stands or blocks should be in place before anyone crawls under the car or truck.