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The GMC Sway Bar Link is how the anti rolling device on your vehicle is connected to the front wheel assemblies on your truck. The bottom section of the sway bar link is attached to the lower wheel assembly near where the spindle is located. The other end of this suspension device is connected to the sway bar that runs across the front of your GMC truck.

At each end of the sway bar link where it is attached to the other components are polymer grommets. It is this grommet that will tend to split and crack over time when they are continually exposed the harsh environmental conditions truck owners put their vehicle through. The hole on the middle of the grommet also tends to wear out and become enlarged when the truck is used to haul heavy loads and a large amount of stress is exerted on the anti rolling system of the GMC truck.

When maneuvering or going around the corner if the driver of the GMC truck feels the body of their vehicle is leaning more than it used to, then an inspection of the sway bar links should commence. If in such a maneuver and a snap is heard along with a large dip to one side, then the GMC sway bar link just snapped and replacement is necessary for the stability of the truck to be maintained on the next hauling trip.

The design of the anti rolling system is set up for the sway bar links to snap if the load is too great on the body of the vehicle when the lateral forces reach its limit. This is advantageous for the GMC truck owner since these links are the least expensive components in the system to replace.