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With the Honda sway bar link being connected firmly to the control arms of your vehicle, the lateral movement of it will be limited. This solution to limit excessive sideways movement of the body was created for race cars, but is now standard equipment on all passenger vehicles. It is the sway bar (stabilizer) links that directly connect the sway bar to the control arms on your vehicle. To prevent metal to metal contact there are bushings on each end of these links. What can be observed when inspecting these suspension components is that the stabilizer links are smaller in diameter than the control arm and the sway bar itself. This was done in purpose on your Honda so the links would then be the weak point in this lateral control system. So rather than an expensive trailing or control arm, these small and inexpensive components will break when too much stress is being applied sideways when your vehicle is maneuvering. The advantage to the owner of the Honda of having the sway bar links as the weak point is not only is they easy to replace but they are also the least expensive component in this system. This makes it possible for the repair costs to the owner to be as low as possible over the lifespan of the vehicle. To replace the Honda sway bar links, the vehicle has to be lifted into the air with the wheels suspended. This relieves the pressure on the suspension system so the exchange of old parts with the new ones is accomplished in the easiest manner. The stabilizer links be replaced if they are broken or even if the polymer components on their ends are worn out. This will help Honda drivers feel more in control of the vehicle while maneuvering on the road.