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The Hyundai sway bar link is part of the suspension system that directly affects the driver's ability to control the vehicle. It is also one of the least expensive parts on the front suspension, and is designed to be the weak point in the system. This allows for it to break easier than the other components when too much stress is being applied to the vehicles suspension components so repair costs are kept to a minimum. There are multiple Hyundai sway bar links on your vehicle; one on each side connecting the sway bar to the control or trailing arms. The sway bar link has polymer grommets on each end so no metal to metal contact is made to the components it is connected to. It is these grommets that generally wear out in time. The driver of the Hyundai will sense this when they hear a clunking sound when they are maneuvering the vehicle or going around a corner. An inspection of the suspension components located near where the sound is coming from will determine the repair job required. The replacement of the sway bar links is easy to accomplish. With the vehicle lifted into the air, the tension on the sway bar link is no longer present and it can be easily unbolted and replaced. If just one side is worn on the vehicle, both sides should be changed since they both have been on the vehicle for the same period of time and experienced the same level of stress. With new sway bar links in place on the Hyundai, the driver will notice the vehicle is better handling when maneuvering and cornering when asked to do so. These are inexpensive suspension components that are critical to the handling of your vehicle.