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The stability of your vehicle when cornering is partially supplied by the Infiniti Sway Bar Link in the suspension system on the front of your vehicle. The sway bar link is the connections of the sway bar with the front wheel assembly on your Infiniti.

Each place the sway bar link is attached there is a polymer grommet. This grommet is in place so a strong connection can be made but one that is not metal to metal. This way when the Infiniti vehicle is being maneuvered, no noise is made when the lateral forces are exerted on the body of the vehicle.

In time from being exposed to the elements the vehicle experiences, the polymer grommets on the sway bar link will dry out causing them to crack and split. When this happens on your Infiniti, a clanking noise could be heard when the lateral forces during a maneuver is being exerted on your vehicle. This is one indication that the Infiniti sway bar links are in need of being replaced.

The sway bar links are also smaller in diameter than the sway bar itself. This makes them the weak point in the anti rolling system on your vehicle. When the forces being exerted on the body laterally exceed the structural integrity of this system it is the link that will break instead of the sway bar. This is preferred since the links are considerably less expensive and easier to replace than the actual sway bar itself.

What most Infiniti owners are not aware of is that the sway bar and all the components in this system were developed from technology first used on race cars to help them handle better. It is one of the many benefits from racing that has been transferred to passenger vehicles.