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A Kia sway bar link is part of the suspension system on your vehicle. This is the weakest component on this system, and also the least expensive to replace. The sway bar (stabilizer) link is located near the wheel carrier or steering arm, and is connecting the control arm. It will have a ball joint on each end which is how it is attached to the control arm and sway bar. The length and positioning of the ball joints will be determined by the model of Kia you own. It is these ball joints that will wear out over time requiring the Kia sway bar links to be replaced. An inspection of the stabilizer link does require the vehicle to be lifted off of the ground with the wheel suspended in the air. This will remove the tension that is being applied to this suspension part so the actual play in the ball joints can be accurately determined. If there is too much play or movement in the ball joint replacement is recommended. Each of the ball joints on the stabilizer link has a zerk fitting. This is the place where grease should be injected into the sway bar link on every oil change. This will lengthen the life span of this suspension part considerably. Another way a Kia owner might suspect their sway bar link is malfunctioning is when the driver is maneuvering the vehicle and notices a lot more of the chassis leaning away from the turn. This means far less control when cornering, and could also be accompanied by a banging noise. This can be either a loose or broken link. If either of those situations is experienced then an inspection of the Kia's suspension system is recommended.