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The Lexus sway bar link is part of the front suspension system to help prevent the lateral movement of your luxury sedan or SUV as you maneuver on the road. Its precise location is at the end of the sway bar and at the control arm or wheel carrier of your Lexus. The sway bar (stabilizer) link will differ depending on the exact model of Lexus you own. It can have a ball joint at both ends or just at one. When only one is present, a couple of bushing is generally in place to prevent any metal to metal contact of the components. The inspection of the Lexus sway bar links is the same as other ball joint in your suspension system. The vehicle has to be lifted into the air so no weight is on the wheel assembly. The up, down and sideways movement of the ball joint has to tested. If there is any moment replacement is warranted. If your stabilizer link is mounted securely to the control arm with just a pair of bushings, the polymer component has to be inspected for cracks and splitting. If any are found or the bushing is missing, a banging noise might be heard by the driver when the vehicle is in a turning motion. The sway bar link along with the sway bar itself is one of the many suspension components that are standard equipment on Lexus vehicles that came from the sport of car racing. It makes the vehicle feel more nimble when maneuvering. The stabilizer link is also the least expensive and weakest suspension component in this system. This reduces the cost of its replacement for a better handle car when on the road.