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The weakest part in your suspension system is the Mazda sway bar link. This is by design, so if too much stress is placed in the lateral movement of the vehicle, the least expensive component is the one that breaks and would be in need of replacing. There are at least two sway bar (stabilizer) links on all Mazda vehicles rolling off the production line today. The exact location of these suspension components are at the ends of the sway bar and at the control arms in the front area of your vehicle. Your vehicle may also have a sway bar in the rear, so there would be two more of these links at the ends as well. At both connections the Mazda sway bar links have a polymer grommet attached to them. As is the nature of polymer, they will eventually split, crack, and wear out over time and require replacement. The symptoms of a problem can be recognized if when cornering and a banging noise is heard coming from underneath your Mazda. This would indicate that the stabilizer links might be broken. If the handling of the vehicle while maneuvering seems to be unresponsive and the side to side swaying of the vehicle has increased over time, the bushings should be inspected for excessive wear on them. The replacing of the sway bar links on a Mazda car is an easy procedure to complete. The weight has to be removed from the wheels by lifting the car into the air. Once stabilized, the old sway bar links can be easily removed and replaced. Only a simple ratchet set and a torque wrench are required, and the time this repair should take is less than an hour. Once this repair procedure is completed, the vehicle will be more responsive when the driver is maneuvering on the road.