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The support your vehicle has from the Oldsmobile Sway Bar Link is why it's side to side movement when maneuvering is under control. It is the sway bar links on the front end of your Oldsmobile that connects the sway bar to the lower front wheel assemblies. Since the sway bar is mounted to the frame, it is this support that limits the side to side movement of the body when the vehicle is being maneuvered.

At the connections of the sway bar and the lower wheel assembly, the sway bar links have polymer grommets on them. These grommets are in place on your Oldsmobile to prevent the metal to metal contact between these components allowing them to function in silence.

The polymer grommets on the sway bar links are exposes to the harsh elements on the road surface the vehicle will encounter over the course of a year. This includes the salts, moisture and various temperature conditions that will cause them to dry out and crack over time. This is when an Oldsmobile owner can hear a banging noise when they are in the processes of a maneuver with their vehicle. When this noise is heard, a visual inspection of the Oldsmobile sway bar links should be carried out. This allows for the confirmation of denying of these suspension components from being worn-out or not.

Not only can noise be heard when the sway bar bushing are worn out and in need of being replaced, but also the handling characteristics of the vehicle are compromised. This compromise is in an increased amount of side to side movement of the vehicle during maneuvers. If it gets to a level that is too great, control over the vehicle may be lost in high speed conditions.