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Tail Light Bulb Carrier Socket

Aftermarket & OEM Tail Light Bulb Carrier Socket

Each car has several harnesses to take the electricity from the battery and power from the engine in order to work several of the electrical parts on the car. Harnesses run the length of the car inside the bodywork and eventually reach the back of the car. A pigtail connector then goes to the socket and the light bulb goes into the socket. The tail light bulb carrier socket then plugs into the tail lamp assembly and lights them up whenever the driver applies the brakes. The sockets are generally strong and long lasting but they can fray or be damaged by water. They can also be knocked out of place or fall out during a collision. A missing socket will mean that the bulb is not in place or not lighting up which may result in a fine or failed inspection. It could also result in a collision if the cars behind you do not know that you are braking. Anytime you replace the tail lamp assembly or bulb it is a good idea to inspect the tail light bulb carrier socket.

Replacing a tail light bulb carrier socket is generally an easy job that can be accomplished by a novice. Some cars may have tail lamps that are difficult to access or may require special tools. You should replace the bulb at the same time. The socket can usually be accessed through the trunk.
  • Open the trunk and remove the interior panel by the light that you want to change.
  • Follow the electrically harness and pull out the socket.
  • Remove the wiring from the socket. Attach the old wiring to the new socket.
  • Install a new bulb into the socket.
  • Press the socket back into the tail lamp assembly.
  • Test the light to make sure that is lights up.
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