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The third brake light is an additional warning light in addition to the standard stop lamps on your car or truck. They are located in an area that is more visible to other driver's, like in the center of the trunk lid or in the interior cabin just behind the rear glass. On trucks and SUV's they are mounted high above the rear window or tailgate which is why they are sometimes referred to as a centre high mount stop lamp. A police officer can pull you over for driving around with a broken third brake light and issue you a fix-it ticket. Replacing a bad one is easy and should only take a few minutes, so save yourself the headache of having to waste a whole day going to court in order to resolve this minor traffic infraction.

The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration (NHTSA) has required that all passenger cars have a third brake light since 1986 and that was later extended to include light trucks and vans in 1994. When they were first introduced they helped reduce rear end collisions by 8.5 percent but that has dropped down significantly since then. Even though studies show the benefit of the third brake light is not as effective as it once was, it is so inexpensive for car manufactures to incorporate it into a car that it is still a cost effective safety device.

Replacing a broken third brake light will vary from car to car depending on which style you have but should be fairly easy otherwise. You will also find that once you start shopping for a new one you will have a few options. Aftermarket ones available can come with LED lights, smoked lenses or chrome housings for a more personalized look. You can also just find regular stock replacements but just be sure what you purchase is made for your particular car or truck. The size and shapes of third brake lights vary from vehicle to vehicle but as long as you get the correct one for your vehicle it should be an easy plug and play installation and should not require you to splice any wiring.

Changing out a broken third brake light will not only keep you from getting a ticket from a police officer but it will also reduce the chance of another driver rear ending your vehicle. Take advantage of Car Parts Discount's low pricing by purchasing a new one today. We have a large selection of third brake lights from all the brands you know and trust so give one of our helpful customer representatives a call.