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How can you tell when your throttle body housing needs to be replaced or cleaned?

Perhaps you have noticed your engine surging at low RPM's, or maybe you have noticed that your vehicle has unresponsive acceleration. Maybe you have noticed a check engine light on in your dashboard. These could all be symptoms of a dirty or malfunctioning throttle body. The housing that holds the throttle components can also contain the throttle position sensor (or TPS), mass air flow sensor (or MAF sensor) idle air control valve (or IAC valve), and various vacuum hoses. Throttle body housings can be cracked, the throttle could be dirty, or one of the sensors could be malfunctioning. There are all sorts of reasons why you would need to clean, service, or replace your housing. If you have a check engine light, have a mechanic read the code. One way to check for a cracked throttle body housing or a vacuum leak is to slowly spray carburetor cleaner around the body and hoses while the engine is at idle, and listen for an increase in RPM. Naturally you'll need to avoid spraying any flammable vapors near components that could create a spark, such as the alternator or hot exhaust.

How the carburetor turned into the throttle body.

New Throttle Body HousingYears ago, the throttle used to be located at the base of the carburetor. The throttle is a butterfly valve that lets air pass through the intake. When vehicles first became fuel injected, the throttle body held one or two injectors, and functioned much as the carburetor did in the past. With the advent of port injection, the body was often relocated off of the intake manifold, closer to the front of the vehicle, where cold air could be drawn in for better vehicle performance and fuel economy. As vehicles became more computer controlled, automotive engineers started placing sensors and control modules all over the engine, and the throttle body housing was a natural place to put the MAP and TPS sensors, as well as the idle air control, to keep engines steady at idle.

Installation how-to, D.I.Y., and video.

Replacement of your throttle body housing or housing gasket can be very simple or extremely complex, depending on the design of your engine. We always recommend professional installation, but if you have researched the design of your engine and have all of the necessary tools for safe removal and installation, it can be accomplished at home. We suggest taking a picture of the engine at every step with your cell phone or digital camera to ensure that when you are putting everything back together, you know where all of the vacuum hoses and brackets go. Sometimes all that is necessary is to clean your throttle body housing with some carburetor cleaner, although be careful about using this method on newer vehicles with sensitive sensors that may be damaged by the cleaner. For other types of housings, all you have to do is take your vehicle up to higher RPM's for a few minutes, for instance by taking your car on the freeway, and gunning the accelerator. Of course, if you need to replace a sensor, please make sure to follow all of the manufacturer's recommended guidelines.

Air intake and throttle parts for your car or truck.

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