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The Pontiac Throttle Body Housing is the main component of the fuel intake system that was used just after the carbureted systems were phased out and just before the individual fuel injection systems were introduced.

The throttle body housing has a similar appearance as the older style of carburetors that were used on Pontiacs for many years. The difference in the two types of intake systems is how the fuel in introduced to the air before it enters the combustion chambers. Instead of fuel being regulated and introduced by means of a jet, the fuel is sprayed out the end of a set of fuel injectors mounted in the throttle body housing unit. This spray is not as fine of a mist as the more modern fuel injectors that spray the fuel directly into the combustion chambers, but is still finer that what the older style of brass jets the carburetors provided on the past Pontiacs.

The cleaning of the Pontiac throttle body housing units is the same process as the older carburetors. This is with carburetor cleaners that clean the walls and passageways in the throttle body housing unit. There is also the need for the addition of fuel injector cleaner into the fuel tank so the atomized spray of the fuel injectors can be possible. The need for more frequent changing of the fuel filter is also necessary for engines equipped with the throttle body housing system on them. This will prevent the accidental clogging of the fuel injector pathway by particulates that was not so critical when the carburetors were being used.

The use of the throttle body housing system is an improvement over the previous system used on Pontiacs. There is less adjustments and greater control over the exact amount of fuel the engine is using for an improved performance.