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The Acura tie rod is the part that connects the steering mechanism of your vehicle from the input of the steering wheel to the wheel that has contact on the road. This is one of the many parts that make it possible for the car to turn. The most common place the tie rod is connected to is the king pin axis or swivel pin ball joints in which the wheel itself is mounted. The tie rods are built to screw into the rod or rack that moves it. It is designed in this fashion so the toe of the wheel alignment can be made. When replacing a tie rod, be careful to count the number of rotations that are required to remove the old one so the new one can be close to the same position. This way, an alignment of the steering might not be necessary. If replacing both on your car, do one at a time so the wear on the tires will be minimal when completed. With Acura models there are 2 basic shapes a tie rod will be available in for the many different models. There is the rod with a ball joint at the end in which the stud is parallel to the rod. The second type is the stud on the ball joint is at a 90 degree angle from the rod. The right one for your Acura model has already be predetermined by the engineers of your car. The many manufacturers of quality Acura tie rod for replacing this component with an OE part made for your model car presently include Meyle, Beck Arnely, Moog, Mevotech and Raybestos, but the list changes year to year. The ball joint of this part should not only be greased at the time of installation, but also periodically to ensure it has a long and productive life on your Acura vehicle.