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An important part of the steering system is the Cadillac tie rod. This is the mechanical device that helps turn the wheel in the desired direction when the steering wheel is being turned by the driver. There are two tie rods on every Cadillac on the road today. All tie rods are a simple and basic mechanical part. They consist of a metal bar that has a ball joint at one end of it. This ball joint has a stud sticking out of it so it can be connected to the spindle on your Cadillac. The other end of the tie rod is joined to the cross bar with a threaded connection. This thread on the bar makes it possible for the toe of the car to be adjusted correctly. The reason a Cadillac tie rod would need replacing is because a curb was hit by the driver and the end of the rod was bent or the ball joint damaged. If this occurs the replacing of just one is warranted. If the ball joint wears out over time from being used, then it is recommended that both tie rods be replaced at the same time for better control during cornering while driving your car. On all makes and models of cars including Cadillac, the replacement of a tie rod should also include the aligning of the vehicle's front end. This has to be completed since this is part of the steering system on your car where the toe of the wheels is adjusted. Without the alignment being checked and the correct adjustments being made, the tires on the front of your car can wear prematurely costing the owner of the vehicle even more in repair costs in the near future.