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There are 2 Chevrolet tie rods on all models made today and in the past. This is the steering part that transfers the motion from the steering column to the wheels. As with all parts of a moving system, the tie rods on your Chevrolet will wear out in time and need replacing. They can also be damaged and in need of being replaced if the front tire hits an obstruction with too great of force bending it. The tie rods on your car are a simple part with a ball joint at one end that has a stud coming out of it so it can be attached to the spindle on your vehicle. The other end screws into the connecting bar with the other tie rod located at the front wheel at the other end. This screw-in connection is the adjustment for the toe of the front wheels which should be checked once the replacement parts are put into place. The camber of the front wheels is not affected. An owner of a Chevrolet can test this part by grabbing it and attempting to move it. If there is excessive movement or any play in the attachment to the spindle, this part should be replaced. If wear and not damage is the reason for the replacement of your Chevrolet tie rod, then the other side should also be replaced if it is as old as the part you are currently replacing. This is recommended since both of them should wear at the same rate over time. Each of the tie rods on your Chevrolet should also have a zert fitting. This is where grease is injected into the ball joint of the rod. This should be done during a routine oil change and will extend the life of this steering part.