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It is the Chrysler tie rods that make it possible for your car to turn in the direction you desire. Without this essential part operating correctly, the steering will be negatively affected. It is the tie rods on your Chrysler that connect the steering rack or center link to the knuckle and hubs so both wheels turn the same amount each time the driver turns the steering wheel. If there is any play in the steering wheel, these parts should be inspected for wear. The testing of the Chrysler tie rods can be accomplished by the car owner. The tie rod is screwed into the connecting bar of the steering system and attached to the wheel assembly or spindle with a ball joint and stud. It is the ball joint that tends to wear out over time. To extend the life of this part grease should be injected into the zerk located on it at each oil change your vehicle has. If this ball joint has excessive wear in it, it along with the one on the other side should be replaced. Replacement of the tie rod can be accomplished by the owner with a couple a precautions. The tie rods not only control the steering but also the toe alignment of the front wheels. Because of this, the number of times this part is screwed out of the connecting bar should be recorded and the new part replaced with the same number of rotations. This will make it possible to have the toe on your Chrysler close to what is correct. Alignment of the front wheels is also recommended so the front tires of your Chrysler will not prematurely wear due to an out of toe adjustment. Even the smallest amount can cause excessive wear.