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The Dodge tie rods are the end of the steering system on your vehicle that makes it possible to turn your car around corners. It is only a simple shaft with threads on one end and a stud connected to a ball joint on the other. But without tie rods, control over your vehicle would not be possible. The tie rods on your Dodge are located in the front of the vehicle and are connected to each of the front wheels at the spindles. The other end is connected to either the center link or the steering rack. Those parts are controlled by the steering gear, and move along with the driver's turn of the steering wheel. The only section of the Dodge tie rod that can wear out is the ball joint and stud. If this connection has excessive play in it that can be felt by grabbing it and moving it, there is a danger of it coming out of its socket. This will cause the driver to lose control of the steering in the vehicle. Replacement of the tie rods on your Dodge can be done by the owner. The removal of one at a time is recommended. When each one is being removed, the number of turns it takes to remove them should be counted and recorded. This allows for the new tie rod on your Dodge to be replaced in the same position as the one being removed. The importance of following these instructions in counting the turns is that it sets the toe in the alignment of your front wheels. Improper alignment will make it difficult to steer your vehicle and promotes excessive wear on the front tires. After these steering parts are replaced, a front end alignment is still recommended.