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It is the Ford tie rods where the front wheels are adjusted so they point down the road in the direction the driver wishes them to travel. They are part of the steering mechanism which controls the path the vehicle will take as a result of input from the steering wheel. The tie rods should have grease injected into the ball joint that is at one end of this component. This will prevent the premature wearing of this part over time. This periodic maintenance procedure should occur when the car or truck is having the brake pads changed. Not only should the Ford tie rods be greased, but also all of the other steering components including the ball joints, idler arm and pitman arm. Anywhere there is a zerk fitting under the front of the vehicle should be grease at this time. For this service the Ford vehicle has to have the wheels lifted off of the ground so the grease will be able to be applied in the area of the ball joints where it is needed. If this is not done, all of the auto parts will wear out before their time. Replacing the tie rods on a Ford vehicle is easy. Once the ball joint end has the nut removed, the other end is screwed out of the connecting bar. The number of turns must be counted so the new part can be put back in place in the same position. This adjustment is how the toe is set for the front wheel alignment. The tie rods can be checked for wear by the Ford owner grabbing one and seeing just how must play is in this component. Excessive play in a tie rod will be felt in not only when grabbing the part, but also in the steering wheel. This lack of control when cornering can be unnerving to many drivers.