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The Honda tie rods are the directional component of your vehicle, and they determine just how and in what direction the car will travel down the road. If either of the two tie rods that are on the front of your Honda is not working properly, the front wheels will wear prematurely and the driver could loss control of the vehicle while it is in motion. The tie rods are located in the front of your Honda. They are directly connected to the spindles which the wheel assemblies are connected to. This permits the maneuvering and turning of your vehicle when input is placed in the steering wheel by the driver. The other end of the Honda tie rods are connected to the steering bar that runs across the front of your vehicle. This is moved by the steering box in your steering system. You can inspect your tie rods physically or visually, and you can do this while they are still on the car. By viewing the wear pattern on the front tires, the effects of worn rods can be noticed. Just like worn shocks wear a tire by creating types of waves on up or down in the thick of the tire, the wear from this steering components is across the grain but same wave type pattern. The physical portion of this inspection involves the testing of the movement of the ball joint end of this steering component that connects to the spindle. If there is any up or down movement of the ball joint in the socket, replacement is highly recommended. The tie rods on your Honda are also the toe setting for the front wheels. For this reasons the replacement of old parts with new ones must be done with care so the new components are in the exact same place as the old ones.