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The Hyundai tie rods are the steering components that actually turn the wheels on your vehicle. The tie rods receive the input from the steering wheel to the pitman shaft in the steering gear box, and then through the center link or rack and pinion. There are two of them on the front of your vehicle; and while they do have two ends, only the one with a ball joint can wear out. On all Hyundai vehicles, the tie rods could eventually wear out. To help minimize this wear these steering components experience, periodic greasing of the ball joint is recommended. This along with the other steering components should be greased during a routine brake job or tire change that should occur every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Many shops will perform a check of these components, and recommend service if it needs to be done. The testing of your Hyundai tie rod requires the inspector to grab the rod and determine the amount of play in it. If you can move it up and down at all, the replacement is advisable. Replacement of the tie rods can be accomplished by the owner of the Hyundai with a few precautions adhered to. The ball joint end is first removed, then the other end which is screwed out of the connecting bar. The number of turns required to remove it has to be recorded. This is the adjustment for the toe of the front wheels. If the new tie rod is replaced in a different position, the wear on the front tires will be adversely affected. Also, only do one at a time so the positioning of the connecting bar to the wheel assemblies can be as close as possible to the position it was before the repair job was preformed. Then have the Hyundai front wheel aligned to make sure it is correct.