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The directional input from the steering system is relayed to the wheel assemblies through the Infiniti Tie Rods. There are two tie rods on the front end of all Infiniti models being produced today and in the past.

A pair of tie rods are screwed into the steering bar that runs across the front of your vehicle. The other end has a ball joint on it with a stud protruding from it. This stud is attached to the spindle in the front wheel assembly. It is this ball joint that will tend to wear out in time if its maintenance is not preformed on it on a regular basis.

The maintenance necessary for the long life of the Infiniti tie rod is injections of ball bearing grease into the zert located on it. This injection of grease into the tie rod should occur during a routine oil change when it is being performed on your Infiniti vehicle every three thousand miles. It is part of what is called a chassis grease job that should also include the ball joints, pitman and idler arms along with the other steering and suspension components located in the front section of your vehicle.

The proper method for injecting grease into the tie rods along with the other components that require this type of periodic maintenance is to lift the vehicle off of the ground with the wheels suspended. This makes it possible for the entire joint to be covered with grease. If the wheels are not suspended then the weight being exerted on the component will prevent full coverage.

If the tie rods are allowed to become worn not only will it negatively affect the handling characteristics of the Infiniti but the tires will wear prematurely.