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Without the ability of the Isuzu Tie Rods to move the spindle on the front wheel assembles, the direction of the vehicle cannot be altered. The tie rods are the last steering component in that system before they influence the direction the wheel assemblies are pointed in on your Isuzu.

The construction of the tie rods is in a shape with threads at one end that screw into the steering rod which runs across the front of your Isuzu. The other end has a ball joint on it with a stud protruding out if its center. This stud is bolted to the hole in the bottom of the spindle so a firm connection can be established and control over the direction the wheel assembly can be made.

There is no maintenance of the screwed end portion of the tie rod. The treads are in place so the toe of the wheel alignment can be made. The ball joint end does require periodical maintenance so its lifespan can be extended for a considerable long period of time. This maintenance on the ball joint end of the Isuzu tie rod is the injection of ball bearing grease into it. This is part of the routine chassis lube procedure that should be performed during each oil change that occurs on your Isuzu.

For this chassis lube procedure to be carried out correctly, the vehicle must be lifted into the air with no weight on the wheel assemblies. This permits the entire ball joint to be covered with lubrication. If this simple process does not occur, the tie rod will prematurely wear and control over the direction the vehicle is traveling could be lost or hindered.